Alanya Turkey

Why pay full price for your dental treatment when you can be saving up to 70% in Turkey.

If you choose to be treated in Alanya, you can also benefit from Alanya's tourist facilities, and combine your holiday with dental treatment.



The standard in Turkey can be variable if you choose a dentist yourself, but we work with Alanya's leading dental clinic, and can therefore guarantee that the standard is fully in line with European standards.

All dentists are licensed and hygiene are top notch.



We have English and Scandinavian speaking consultants, both in Denmark and Turkey, and can advise you on the course, and we can assist you during treatment to ensure against linguistic barierer.

We can convey flight and hotel stay, start by filling out our form and receive a no-obligation quotation.

satisfied customers

Many thanks to everyone here for Richard's new teeth, we were well received from the first day until we were finished.

Good service and smiling staff. Thank you very much!

Richard and Tahner


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